Thursday, May 05, 2011

My New Goal

Meaghan (BFF that she is) kindly pointed out that it had been a while since I've posted anything here & suggested I post a new goal that I'm working towards...  So here it is...

My new goal is to get to my goal weight (145 lbs) by Sept 1st.  It will take a lot of work... but if I can do it, my reward will be a weekend in Edmonton (at one of the Fantasy Hotels attached to West Ed Mall & a shopping trip at said mall.  So here it goes & I'll keep you updated with my progress.

In terms of working out lately... I've been going to bootcamps at V)2 Max & running on my new treadmill... A girl from work (Jilayne) comes over 4 times a week at 5:00am & uses my elliptical while I use my treadmill & then I make her a breakfast shake (5 days a week) & in exchange for this she watches Owen while I'm at bootcamp Mon, Wed & Fri.  So that's been going well... she's on holidays this week, but we'll be back at it bright & early Monday morning :)

And as far as eating clean goes...well.... aside from the Easter chocolate disaster of 2011...things have been okay.  80% of my meals are's just the junk I've been eating in between meals lately that have set me back a bit... But I WILL get back on track... I've come too far to lose sight & give up now :)

Friday, April 01, 2011

You asked...

Visible Voice said...
I bought some books. I had too. I'd like to know your simple go to meals and snacks. xoxox....

My go-to snacks are: an apple OR the cranberry almond thins (red box from Costco... individually wrapped at 100 cals) w/ almond butter,
an egg & one egg white w/ an orange, yogurt, veggies w/ hummus &/or tzaziki, almonds... What I have for my morning snack (meal) will determine what I'll have for my afternoon one (like, I wouldn't have fruit both times, for eg)

My go to meals are I always have a huge salad in the fridge & I'll vary what my protein is that goes with it.  Like an egg & an egg white with walnuts (that's my fave right now).  Or a chicken breast, or shrimp.  At lunch time I'll have a piece of Ezikiel 3:9 bread w/ tzaziki.  Supper is usually a salad again w/ a different source of protein & my carbs come from fibrous veggies at that point (no traditional carbs after about 3 or 4pm)  If I'm sick of salad I'll saute spinach & mushrooms w/ shrimp & lots of garlic/chilies.

Usually I'm eating after my bootcamp in the evening, so I'm not hungry enough to have an evening snack, but if I am, I'll have yogurt w/ fruit or if I want something "bad" I'll take a few individually wrapped 85% cacao dark chocolate squares & dip them in almond butter.  YUM!

Now I'm not perfect & I'll freak out every now & then... but my freak outs are more controlled & conscious than they were in the I'll get a mini one flavour blizzard instead of a medium two flavoured one.  And I'll let myself have a nice restaurant meal every once and a while.  That way I won't go crazy.

Now that I'm done the competition, I'm okay with losing at a slower, consistent pace.  I KNOW the rest of the weight will come off... I have confidence in that fact (something I never had before :)  I just have to keep working!

Keep the questions coming guys... I love it!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

After the Finale/ Eating Clean

Well... what do I do now that I'm not training like crazy for the Biggest Loser competition?  I must admit, it felt a little weird to have it be over. Like there is a bit of a void in my life now. But I did get my treadmill set up & have used it (and LOVE it) & am still going to Bootcamps with Janine at V02 Max. 

So now that I'm not eating Jenny Craig foods exclusively, I've been Eating Clean.  For those of you not previously acquainted with this plan, it's a lifestyle that's been brought to the pages of many books & cookbooks by Tosca Reno...someone who went from being over 200lbs to being a fitness guru. Her blog is here.

Baiscally (This is from the Eat Clean Diet website) "it is eating the way nature intended. You eat the foods our bodies evolved to function best on, and that makes you feel – and look – fantastic. When you Eat Clean you eat more often. You will eat lean protein, complex carbs, and healthy fats. These practices keep your blood-sugar levels stable and keep you satisfied."

Here are the generalized principles of Eating Clean:

1) Eat 5-6 smaller meals throughout the day.
2) Eat every 2-3 hours.
3) Combine lean protein & complex carbohyfrates at every meal.
4) Drink at least 2L (8 cups) of water per day.
5) Never miss a meal, especially breakfast.
6) Avoid all processed, refined foods - especially white sugar & white flour
7) Carry a cooler loaded with Eat-Clean foods to get through the day.
8) Consume adequate healthy fats (EFAs) each day.
9) Avoid saturated & trans fats.
10) Avoid sugar loaded colas & juices.
11) Avoid alcohol; it's another form of sugar. 
12) Avoid all caloie dense foods that contain little or no nutrtional value.
13) Depend on fresh fruits and vegetables for fibre, vitamins & enzymes. (Plus they get you through the day)
14) Stick to proper portion sizes & give up the super sizing!

So that's what I've been trying to do.  I had a personal assessment done by Janine at V02 Max & have been tracking what I'm eating.  I've been doing my best to keep up with bootcamps & doing cardio at home.  I've had a few people ask for my help & I am so honoured.  I will do my best to help out where ever I can, offereing example from my own experience & advice based on what I've done & am doing.  time permitting, of course,,,as my life seems to be a non-stop roller coaster!... So if I haven't gotten back to you yet, it's not because I don't want to.... it's just that I need a few extra hours in the day!

Here are a few pics of what inside my Eating Clean fridge...

And my protein shake making station: 

So if anyone wants to chat Eating Clean (Kristi...I will get back to you... I know you guys are interested) feel free to ask & I can give you the low down.

Sunday, March 20, 2011


So I'm sure you already know (thanks Facebook) about the Biggest Loser Finale on Saturday... I won first place!  (Yay! Thank you so much for all of your positive comments & posts...very much appreciated... I've got them all saved in my email folder called "Fat to Fit" & will go back to read them when I'm felling down, or not motivated.

So this past week I lost 9lbs (I know, right?!?) for a total of 34 lbs or 17.34% in the competition.  I weighed in at 162lbs for a total of 94lbs lost)  But some of that weight loss was strategic weight loss (i.e.  dehydration, empty system, etc ~ so I'm going to leave my weight at what I weighed in at Jenny Craig the day before at: 167.8 lbs...which is amazing because I've not weighed that amount in a really long time!  Only 20-ish lbs to go!

Grand prize re-cap: I won $1000 cash, $1100 to Subway, a $2500 treadmill & a year's unlimited membership to VO2 Max (My fave fitness establishment ever!!!) So I'm pretty excited about moving ahead with the next phase.of my journey.

I won't be eating Jenny Craig food anymore.  I'll be Eating Clean.  I just realized how much better I did/felt when I ate clean foods this past week.  Jenny Craig was helpful for me because I was at a point where I felt like I didn't have enough time to prepare healthy meals & wasn't motivated enough to make the time.  So with Jenny Craig food, it was portioned properly & was readily available.  But now I've come far enough along that I want to fuel my body with foods that will give it the proper nutrition.  I will still meet with Jill once a month to weigh in & see how I'm doing on my own, & I can still buy any foods I'd like for as long as my program lasts (I think mine was 4 years including maintenance)... just in case I need to have something quick. (For example, I still have all of the food I bought for last week that I'll keep in the freezer for the nights I get home from work & just don't feel like making anything.

So it's been along journey & although at this point you might be inclined to say it's almost done, I realize now that it's a journey that will never be "done" per say... it's what my life is going to be forever.  And I'm really excited about that :)

Here are some pics from the finale.
Getting weighed in
Accepting the Subway prize
Happy/trying not to cry
Reviewing the prize package
"What? Oh, these are just my guns in training"
From the side
Still can't believe I've come this far!
(I mean...look at the picture directly to your left!)

Monday, March 14, 2011


Okay... so I was so excited for my 3 lb loss (bringing me down to 171 lbs...I mean come on... are you kidding me?)  BUT.....

Janet went & lost 7 lbs this week!

Our overall % are as follows:
Kellie ~ 12.75%
Janet ~ 12.71%

I mean seriously.... 0.04% difference!  I am going to be so stressed this week... It's neck & neck.  Please send all your positive thoughts, energy, comments, prayers my way... it will be needed & very much appreciated.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Week 18 & Biggest Loser Challenge

So Week 18 with Jenny Craig wasn't so stellar.  I only lost 1.3 lbs & weighed in at 174.1 lbs.  But I guess after a 4.1 loss & a 3.1 loss before that, I was due for a low week.  I just hope I can pull an okay number on Monday for the 2nd last Biggest Loser weigh in.  At least I'm still going down & not up, I guess :)

Yesterday was the 3rd & final Biggest Loser challenge.  The other 2 were all about how fast you could get a series of things done & the person with the fastest time won.  Yesterday, the focus of the challenge was endurance.  The object was to see how many rounds of the following you could do in 20 minutes:  Row 9 calories on the rower, do 9 kettlebell deadlifts/high pulls & 9 air squats...over & over again for 20 minutes.  I did 13 sets & won the challenge.

The prize was a choice of different tickets for different upcoming Q99 events, so I let Troy (who came in 2nd with 12 sets) pick what he wanted (he chose the curling tickets).  I just felt bad that he gave me that amazing spa package, so I wanted to make it up to him a little bit.

So now there's just a weigh in on Monday (at Canadian Tire)  & then the finale at the mall on Saturday.  Fingers crossed, people.. fingers crossed :)

p.s. I tried on some bathing suits for Jamaica yesterday & it wasn't a completely awful experience!

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Week 5 Biggest Loser Weigh In

So once again I was worried that I hadn't lost enough weight to stay in the competition... but I lost 3 lbs & came in second!  I'm down to 174 lbs & I can't believe that the number of pounds I have left to lose begins with a "2"!!! Only 29 more pounds until I reach my goal of 145 lbs!

I'm so fired up about the progress I've been making.  But I know with the competition, there's still a lot of work to do.  It's crazy to think that it will be over next Saturday.  The finale is on March 19th... so I've got just under 2 weeks to lose as much as I can.  I'm still in 1st place overall, with a total loss of 11.22% of body weight.

Janet is in 2nd place with 9.74% lost.  

Troy is in 3rd with 9.09% lost.

So as long as I can keep up the pace I should be okay. I went to 2 bootcamps today (5am & 6am).  Let me tell you, I am sore!  But I'm still going to do the stairs at lunch.  I've been converting TV shows to mp4s so that I can watch them on my phone while I'm doing the stairs.  It helps me to not be so bored.  And I've got like 2 episodes of Glee to catch up on... So that will be fun :)

Oh... also... Troy was kind enough to switch prizes with me.  I had won a bag & a men's watch from Roots & he had won a hot stone massage & facial from Mirage Holistic Spa & he offered to trade with me... so guess what I'll be doing the Saturday after the competition. :)

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Can I Just Say.... 80 lbs!!!

Week 17 was a good one.  I have officially lost 80 lbs... THAT IS CRAZY!!!  I've never lost that much weigh in my life... I've always lost & regained the same 30 lbs... but have never gone this hard for this long.  I lost 4.1 lbs this week, bringing me down to 175.4 lbs.  I only have 30 lbs more to go until I reach my goal of 145 lbs.  I just can't believe it!

Meaghan Purnell remembers when I said "I want to lost 110 lbs"  & how that sounded like A LOT of weight to lose... but now... it's almost done!  And then I'll get to move onto other goals (like training for 10K's & Half marathons & marathons, etc.)  Fitness is totally my life now (it's what I eat, sleep & breathe!)  I just can't wait until I look like a person that is all about fitness.

I REALLY like the bootcamps I go to at V02 Max & when it's all said & done, I'm going to be able to say that that place totally changed my life.  And for anyone that's local, their bootcamps on Saturdays are free for please feel free to join me.  There's one at 9am & 10am & I'll be at both each week.

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

WEEK 4 Biggest Loser Weigh In

So I went to the weigh in thinking I was going to be eliminated ... (It's getting harder & harder for me to pull out big numbers)... BUT... I ended up winning!!!

The weigh in was at Roots & this is what I won...
I lost 3.2 lbs, so I'm at 177 lbs now.  I can't remember exactly how much I weighed when I got married, but on Sunday I thought I'd try on my wedding dress...just to see... AND.... it was too loose! I was so excited! I had thought I was in the low 70's when I got married, but I think I had a lot more muscle now & am more toned than I was then. 

So it's been so great to try on & wear all of these outfits I haven't been able to wear in a long time... the only thing is, I'm running out of work clothes to wear.  I brought an outfit to my Jenny Craig weigh in last Friday (without trying it on first ~ because I'd worn it a week & a half before)  and it was way too big... people said I looked ridiculous wearing it. (Meaghan Purnell even said I looked disgusting & that I needed to get my butt down to RW & Co. to get some new clothes.) I do want to get some new clothes, but don't want to invest to much, since I'm not at my final weight yet.  I'll try altering some of the things that I've got, but I guess I will have to get a couple of things.

So there are 3 more weigh ins. One on Mon, March 7th at the Heart & Stroke Foundation, Monday, March 14th at Canadian Tire & the finale is on Saturday, March 19th at the Prairie Mall, Centre Court @ 1pm.  So if you're local, your support at the finale would be muchly appreciated!  (Meaghan even mentionned something about a t-shirt that says "Kellie Rocks" with puf paint & glitter :)

Saturday, February 26, 2011


Can I just say... INTO THE 70's!!!!  Well.... just barely.  I weighed in yesterday at Jenny Craig & lost 3.1 lbs & am now 179.5 lbs.  I haven't been in the 70's since Alex & I got married. I FEEL AMAZING!!!!  I just have to say that I love VO2 Max soooooo much.  Here is a list of things I have done within the last 2 weeks that I NEVER thought I could ever do...

1) Push ups from my toes rather than just my knees (like 8 sets of them at a time... so like 50 push ups!)

2) Box jumps... totally overcame a psychological fear I had of trusting myself to jump (with both feet at the same time!) onto a wooden box.  (The one I jumped on was a lot shorter than the one featured in the video in the link)

3) Full sit ups... My abs were terrible & when doing crunches I would get stuck at about 5 inches high... but last week at bootcamp one night, I was just able to do full ones & have been able to do them ever since & it's amazing!!!

and today....

for the first time ever....

I flipped a 330 lb myself!!!

That is the size of the tire I flipped... And believe me, it was intense.  I'd flipped it with another person before, but I was a goal of mine to do it by myself.  I tried last week & couldn't do it...but today... I got 'er done!  It felt fantastic & I'm not gonna lie, after screaming for a bit, I had a couple of tears of joy in my eyes. 

So that's why I'm so grateful for V02 Max, because without that facility, I never would've been able to accomplish these things.  And I feel so empowered every time I'm there & make it through a bootcamp.

Today was our 2nd Biggest Loser challenge.  We had to do 16 over head presses w/ 15 lb weights, then step up onto a wooden box (not jump) 16 times, then run through a rope grid, then run 4 bean bags back & forth a 10 foot distance, then run across a balance beam, THEN row 500m.  Fastest time wins.  So I went first & booted it & got everything done in 3:39.  I was in first place for the whole thing until Troy went (last) & creamed me with a time of 3:03. 

So it was almost a sweet victory of a 2lb advantage at Monday's weigh in...but once again... Troy got it. That's okay though because the 2lb advantage doesn't count at the finale & as long as I don't get eliminated on Monday, I should still be good to go. :)

Here are the pics Meaghan took of me last week & today...

Gotta keep going!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

WEEK 15 & Week 3 Biggest Loser Weigh In

Well.... nothing overly spectacular this week... If I wasn't in a competition right now, I'd be perfectly thrilled with my accomplishments this past week, but because I want to be the Biggest Loser, I'm not as happy with this week's results.  So when I weighed in at Jenny Craig on Friday, I'd lost 2.2lbs & was at 182.6 lbs.  Then, when I weighed in today for the Biggest Loser, I lost 2.8 lbs, bringing me to 180.2 lbs.  So... I'm almost into the 70's!  But I had been hoping for a bigger drop (thanks Lady Time) ... but oh well... at least I'm stll losing & it's a step closer to my goal.

But one really good, positive experience from this week... I went to go visit my good friend Meaghan Purnell (she'd left me a really nice comment on my last blog entry, basically saying she wanted to see what I looked like, since she hadn't seen me in so long) So I went over to her place on Saturday, having not seen her since Christmas, & she freaked out!  She said she thought I looked so good... she even used the word "thin" (which I thought was hilarious...because I still feel sooo huge)... but it was a really nice boost to my self esteem to seesomeone I haven't seen in a few months react that way.  She even wanted to take my picture to show her husband... I'll post it as soon as she emails it to me.

So.... I didn't win the weigh in today... but it's okay... I'm still in the running & I'll keep working hard to win overall. :)

Monday, February 14, 2011

WEEK 2 WEIGH IN of the Biggest Loser Competition

Fan-friggin-tastic is what I say!

This week's weigh in was at the Powder Room & for those of you that are unfamiliar with it, it's this amazing store that sells all sorts of things that I LOVE... like really nice bath products, hand creams, etc.  So I knew I wanted to win their prize.  So it was A LOT of hard work...but... I DID IT!!!

I lost another 7 lbs, am down to 182 lbs & was the overall winner of the weigh in today & won the prize from the Powder Room!

So here are some shot of the awesome prize I won...

So I'm really happy! I'm going to keep working really hard this week too, because next week's weigh in is at Mirage Holistic Spa.  Keep your fingers crossed!

Here are some shots of our groups & Janine (our trainer) & I...

Friday, February 11, 2011

Week 15

Well... another awesome week.  I worked so hard (elliptical or treadmill in the mornings, stairs at work at lunch time & boot camp or other exercise on most evenings) & ate everything I was supposed to with Jenny Craig (as opposed to cutting way back on calories) & I lost 3.7 lbs! I am slightly more than half way through the 80's & hope to be in the 70's by Feb 25th. 

Things have been so good. I try to get as much exercise in as I can (mostly for the competition ~ if I wasn't in the Biggest Loser I might only be working out once a day), but have taken measures to not get burned out. For example: this week I had a sinus cold & so I skipped my evening workout on Tues & my morning one on Wednesday, to get some extra rest.  And I didn't beat myself up about it.  Also, I try to get as much sleep as ssible...even if it means going to bed right after Owen goes to bed.  I am missing out on some things I'd like to do (like watching some TV shows, hangng out with friends, etc), but this is something that I'm working towards right now, & I know that although it's a huge investment of my time & effort right now, it won't always have to be that way.  I know that eventually I'll only have to do "maintenance" workouts rather that the full on workouts I;m doing now.

Things went well with the Biggest Loser weigh in as well.  They had initally weighed me in at 196lbs & then on Monday I weighed in at 189lbs.  So I lost 7lbs & came in 4th overall. You can view the results here.  And if you want to see all of my fellow contestants, you can see them here.  And if you'd like to see pictures from the contest, go here. And... I just found this out... there's videos too!  So it's been pretty fun so far... Lots of hard workouts with Janine at V02 Max.  And our first challenge is cross your fingers that I'll win!

Monday, February 07, 2011

Week 14

Well... things have still  been good. I lost 1.5 lbs this past week, bringing me down to 188.5 lbs... into the 80's! YAY! I don't know where the heck the 90's went, but I'm now smaller than I was when we moved here almost 4 years ago & am almost as small as I was when Alex & I got married!  I've been trying on clothes from that time & the pants are fine...but man, the shirts are soooo short!  I have to donate them all.  I can't believe I wore shirts that short! (Not immodest short, of course, but the styles are just a lot longer now)

So I am a little disappointed by the 1.5 lbs, because I had been hoping for more.  Last week was the first 3x/day workouts & I was SUPER diligent about my eating.  So when I saw 1. lbs I was a little let down, but Jill & I reviewed my eating for the week & a lot of nights I was just eating sauteed spinach with shrimp & no carbs & I skipped a few of the Jenny Craig snacks (I gave my cheesecake to Alex) & she estimates I was eating less than 1,000 calories per day, which sabotaged my plans for big weight loss.  I had been thinking "the less the better", especially if I was burning so many calories, but I guess I was into "fat storage" mode...  So this week I'm going to eat everything on my Jenny Craig menu (knowing that it will keep me at a healthy 1,200 calories per day) & nothing more.

My first weigh in for the Biggest Loser competition is later on today, so we'll see how that goes... I'll add to this post with the results later!

Friday, January 28, 2011

WEEK 13 - News even BIGGER than last week!

I'm in!

I'm a contestant in Grande Prairie's Biggest Loser competition!!!   I just got the call from Jen Baron, the promotions director from Q99. The initial weigh in is tomorrow at VO2 Max & the weekly weigh-ins will be on Mondays at noon. There will even be challenges every other Saturday & different locations around town.  To recap (if you didn't read the last post), the prizes are $1000 cash, $1000 in Subway GC, a year membership at VO2 Max, and Treadmill valued at $2000 from Canadian Tire.

So I'm really excited!!! Now the real work begins. There will be 3 sessions with the Biggest Loser group each week at VO2 Max, plus everything I do on my own. 

And on the Jenny Craig front... this past week I lost 2.8lbs! So I'm at 190 lbs exactly.  My goal was to get under 190 by next week & I was 1 measly ounce away from meeting my goal one week early...but oh well... Almost 3 lbs in one week is still awesome.

And today I got to put on pants & a sweater I haven't worn in almost 4 years!  So exciting...I was like, "Okay, I'll just see..." & then they fit! So it's a ll good.... Here's a snippet from my Jenny Craig weekly journal from this week:

"WOW ~ I have NEVER felt this good...this motivated...this dedicated. I've never been this committed, or stuck to this (weight loss) for this long"

Next post will be all about how I'm finding & keeping this motivation going. ... I promise... I just have to find an extra 20-30 minutes to write!

Friday, January 21, 2011



Can I just say... I lost 3.7 lbs this past week! I worked so hard with cardio everyday & made sure I stuck to my Jenny Craig menu EXACTLY & was so happy to see 3.7 lbs! This week I also discovered that shovelling snow is a GREAT workout. We had a lot of snow fall this week & in the beginning I dreaded having to do it, but once I saw how many calories I was burning (thanks to my Jenny Craig armband) I was burning & then looked forward to getting some done each night in addition to the elliptical I was doing in the mornings.  Last night I wanted to do some more, but our walkway & sidewalk were already done... so I did the entire sidewalk on our street & my neighbour's walkway.  Tonight I'll be doing our back deck...Alex tells me the snow is up to his waist!  He wants me to put it all in one place so he can try to make a snow cave. I'll be sure to take pictures.

So I have other BIG news... the BIGGEST!... 

Grande Prairie is having a BIGGEST LOSER competition. One of the radio stations here (the one that Alex used to work at) is pairing up with one of the gyms here in town (V02 Max) & their having a Biggest Loser competition with some big, BIG prizes... $6000.00 worth... And guess what? I totally applied to be a contestant! The prizes are $1000 cash, $1000 in Subway GC, a year membership at VO2 Max, and Treadmill valued at $2000 from Canadian Tire.

So... the first thing I have to do is get chosen as a contestant... then I'm gonna tear it up with eating perfectly & doing so much cardio it'll make your head spin! AND THEN... I'm gonna WIN!  My goal is to mimic the weight loss I had this week (3.7 lbs) & lose a total of at least 30 lbs in the 8 weeks of the contest. I'll be doing my regular cardio in the morning, the stairs at work at lunch time & more cardio in the evenings & on weekends. I'm going to meet with my personal trainer, Dustin (Aftershock Fitness... he's also the manager at my gym, Snap Fitness) to find out how much cardio I can do without dying!

So stay tuned... if I'm chosen, you'll get to check out my bio & they're even going to be posting the weigh-ins on I'll make sure you guys get that info.  Wish me luck & I know I'll totally need your support to do well :)

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Week 11

On a roll... Worked out really hard (6 days this weeks) & ate really well...aside from one day hat I freaked out a bit & had treats I shouldn't have... and I'm down to 196.5 lb!  1.6 lbs gone. AND.... I've lost a total of sixty lbs now :) YAY!

Things that re noticeably better...1)  Clothes are fitting looser.  It's so nice to just stand there & feel the fabric "floating" around your thighs.  I know that sounds weird... but for the most part, my pants have always fit tight. So it's nice to have things fitting loose.  2) I'm actually starting to notice a slimmer physique.  I know I've still got a long way to go, but I am noticing a difference in my body. (When I look at it from the side, etc.)  3) Other people are noticing too. I've been getting quite a few comments & it's helped me to have the drive to keep going & word hard.

My next "mini goal" is to lose a minimum of 2.2 lbs each week for the next 3 weeks.  If I can do that then I will be out of the 90's & into the 80's & I'll be going to Calgary for a Scentsy convention (& some shopping) & my reward will be some new lululemon clothes.  So I hope I can do it! Send some positive energy my way (via comments) to help me along :)

Friday, January 07, 2011

Week 10

Well... ladies... the time has arrived... UNDER 200!!!  I worked out 6 days this week (minimum 30 on the elliptical each time) and was really diligent with eating properly. I lost 1.9lbs & am now 198.1 lbs.... with a total of 17.4 lbs lost with Jenny Craig & 57.9 lbs lost overall! And I got my measurements taken at Jenny Craig today & got my first "inches lost" ribbon... 7.5 inches so far!

I am so excited because I'm finally starting to notice a difference... in the clothes I wear, how I'm feeling (my confidence is increasing).  And I get to get gel nails this week because I reached my landmark of getting under 200 lb!  So I'm excited to see how things will go over the next few weeks ... looking forward to losing more weight & getting healthier...

This week I also started the Jenny Craig Metabolic Max program.  It involoves using a device that will "automatically track the calories burned during your daily activities and monitors the quality of your sleep. The information tracked can easily be managed with BodyMedia's online Activity Manager. Add in the easy-to-use food log and you have the information you need to improve your weight loss."

So bascially, I've got a highly accurate way to track what I'm doing & how effective it is for my weight loss... & hopefully it will motivate me... I'll let you know how it goes.