Monday, March 14, 2011


Okay... so I was so excited for my 3 lb loss (bringing me down to 171 lbs...I mean come on... are you kidding me?)  BUT.....

Janet went & lost 7 lbs this week!

Our overall % are as follows:
Kellie ~ 12.75%
Janet ~ 12.71%

I mean seriously.... 0.04% difference!  I am going to be so stressed this week... It's neck & neck.  Please send all your positive thoughts, energy, comments, prayers my way... it will be needed & very much appreciated.


  1. You can do it! Just one more week!!!!!

  2. Seriously Kell, I'm with Mel. It's one more week. You can totally blast it out of the water!!! You've been sticking it to everybody for WEEKS! Janet's probably cool and all but that's a big number and not likely to happen twice. YOU CAN DO IT! Push yourself as far as you can and see how far you can go!

  3. Ditto to Meaghan's comment! You can do this Kellie! Just believe... and remember, Nothing tastes as good as being fit feels!

  4. You are doing amazing ! Don't let the stress get to you. And remember it will be hard for her to pull those kind of numbers 2 weeks in a row, keep up your positive attitude and hang in there!

  5. It's your week this week! Can't wait to see the results!!!

  6. HOLY CRAP are doing amazing and you and I both know you can do it.
    Good luck

  7. You're a winner already.Very proud of your determination, and your success!!!


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