Friday, April 23, 2010

Day 37.... Waiting...


It feels like I should just be at my goal weight right now.   Like, since I'm motivated & I'm doing what's right... it should just be over & done with or something :(   But I guess I'll just have to wait...

* Waiting to feel comfortable in a swimsuit again (so I can take my little boy swimming)
* Waiting to be light enough to run again ( & get a running stroller to take Owen with me)
* Waiting to fit into the boxes (and boxes, and bags, and suitcases) of clothes I have in smaller sizes than I am right now)
* Waiting to feel more confident & comfortable in my own skin.
* Waiting to have people actually think that I'm a person that can do 90 minutes of cardio (cause I certainly don't look like I can right now :)

I'm still doing great with eating & working out.  I've been getting up & doing my workouts in the mornings, so that it's over & done with.  And it gives me a ton of energy for my day.  But it means I go to bed earlier (like, right after I'm done this post)  & I'm still not having very much trouble falling asleep.

And I took my measurements at the 2 week mark &I've lost inches all over... so I was super pumped about that.  And Alex even mentioned I'm looking smaller... and my clothes are definitely fitting looser... LOVE IT!

I gave up diet caffeinated pops... I was getting addicted, but then I found out about sodium (I never paid attention to sodium intake before) & decided to give it up.  And guess what else I gave up (well, mostly) 
 For  anyone that knows me, they know that this is a big deal...

This is what I used to watch, each & every week: ( I was going to put the list with all the show titles here... but realized I couldn't copy & paste the whole list at once & there are way too many to type individually)  But there were 28 shows.... 28!!!!! Mind you, I didn't always have time to watch the each week, but I'd have them saved up on my computer & watch them in a big session.  (A big, fat, sitting on my butt session)  So last week I just quit, cold turkey & I'm totally fine with it.  I get so much more meaningful things accomplished & I feel so much better about how my time is spent.  But my one guilty pleasure that I've been trying to still watch..... Glee... I LOVE IT!!! So good....

So, I will keep on going & will post a weigh in soon!

Upcoming posts... The fitbit & the Vita MIx

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Day 32

Well... I've been noticing it's harder to post as much with working full time :)  BUT.... I've quit doing the Farmers Market for a while... I need to focus on my family & my weight loss goals & try to keep my house from being a total disaster... My old routine was come home from work exhausted, do something about supper, then makes signs until it was time to go to bed... No quality time with Owen or Alex & no time for working out... So that had to change... my marriage needed some TLC & I NEED to work out every day.

So... eating has been pretty good. I'm loving this clean eating thing.  Because of the frequency & the types of foods I'm eating, my cravings for sugar & simple carbs have dropped considerably.  And working out has been going well too.  I'm noticing I'm able to do a lot more of the exercises in the DVDs than I was able to before.  My abs are getting stronger (I can actually do plank poses now!)  So in general, it's all good!

The book I'm reading right now is called "Half Assed"

And it's amazing.  This girl started out at 372 lbs at the age of 24 & went on to lose 200+ lbs.  It's really good to read about her habits prior to her weight loss & what she did to lose the weight. 

So I'm just continuing on, trying to stay motivated & improving  I haven't weighed myself lately... I like to wait for longer periods of time, so that it's a big suprise when I do... So maybe tomorrow!

p.s. Tanya... Congrats again to Colin... he looks amazing!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Day 26

Well I found it really hard to post this week... with working full time, by the time I get home, it's hard to find the time to post... so sorry about that.  Things went well this week, for the most part.  I did well with working out (in the beginning of the week) & even tried Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred on one of my cardio days.  It was intense... And I'm going to have to double up on bras next time.... Anyone have a good recommendation for bras that offer awesome support during vigorous workouts?

But by Thursday I found #1) I felt like I just didn't have time to workout ~ I had a lot of custom orders to do for the Farmer's Market & I was like, "Okay, I can run for 80 minutes, or I can get work done on custom orders"... and because of reason #2) I had little to no energy because of a head cold I'd had (& still have)... I was continuing to go go go at my normal pace & it finally wore me out.  Thursday night I crashed at 8 & slept for an hour & then worked on custom orders.

And then Friday I REALLY didn't have time because I worked & then had to go right to the Farmers Market.  And Saturday I just had ABSOLUTELY no energy at all after the Market & then running around with Owen until we picked Alex up.

BUT... my nutrition has still been really good & Tosca Reno says in her Eating Clean book that  our physical shape is 80% nutrition. 10% genetics & 10% exercise... so I'm okay with my 3 day break... I got back on the horse (my elliptical) today & it felt great.

I weighed myself on the Wii on Thursday & it said 223.7 ( which is just a little more than 4 lbs down from the last weigh in) but I'll wait until my official weigh in date (Wednesday)  I only like to weigh in every 2 weeks because I tend to go up & down.  So we'll see.

But the main thing is ... I'm still going.  Normally, but now, I definitely would've been off the bandwagon. So... YAY for me!

AND... they had cupcakes in Young Womens today (I teach the Mia Maids & Laurels) & I didn't have any :)

Monday, April 05, 2010

Day 20

So Saturday was an awesome day ... I'm a vendor at the Farmers Market each week with my Vinyl lettering signs & sewn baby items, and since there's limited choices for food there... this is what my normal Saturday's food choices would've been:

1) A small Apple Caramel Crumble pie from Miss Penny (my neighbour)  $5.00
2) A tray of Brownies or Unbaked Chocolate cookies (or both) from Amy, my other neighbour $5.00 each (Mind you, I wouldn't have eaten the whole tray ... but I definitely would've done some serious damage to it)
3) A bag of fried Wontons for lunch $5.00

And all that because I never wanted to prepare my own things to bring, & didn't think I would be satisfied with a bag of carrots from the vegetable vendors.  So... a bunch of junk & $15.00 - $20.00 wasted.  But Saturday was a different story...

Friday night I loaded up a cooler with bottles of water (& I've got my main water bottle that I filled with ice) * Here`s a note about water bottles to choose...  I`ve tried a million different ones & I like this kind the best... It`s got a wide mouth screw top lid (so I can put ice in) but it`s got a flip top lid as well, so I can swig out of a smaller opening (no buckets of ice dripping down my chest because I`m drinking out of a wide mouth opening while on the elliptical.)  This one I got from Superstore for $4.99... but there are some fancier ones at Costco which, I`ve decided, will be my first reward.

1/2 cup fat free cottage cheese (excellent source of protein, but watch your sodium!), an orange, a ziploc bag (these will become your friend) with 15 almonds, some SatisfAction yogurt (you already know how I feel about that stuff :), a Laughing Cow soft cheese wedge (good source of can spread it on bread instead of reg cream cheese or butter, or chop it into cubes to put it into a salad, a ziploc bag with 1/4 cup of dried blueberries that I got from Costco (naturally sweet snack...kinda like candy (almost) & great source of antioxidants), some celery sticks (a few with some light peanut butter (1 TBSP - good source of protein & feels like I'm eating food I shouldn't... keeps the calories down by pairing it with celery instead of crackers) & ...

wait for it...

spelt bread... OH MY GOODNESS... if you haven't tried spelt bread... get your butt down to your local Farmers Market (my new neighbour is the lady that makes the spelt bread (no more pies or brownies for me!)  If you don't know what spelt is, check out the above link... but here's a quick overview... it's a grain that can be used instead of whole wheat flour, it has higher levels of protein & better nutrition values.  The stuff I get from my neighbour is SOOOOO good, I don't even have to put anything on it, it just tastes so good.

So that was my day at the market...   That night I went for 82 MINUTES on the elliptical & did 9.11 miles... I was a bit slower at times;  I'm not super fast yet, I'm just trying to go on for as long as I can each up my endurance first, & then my speed...  And I don't go for that long all in one chunk... I do have to pause the timer to go for a pee break or two.  I used to use the excuse that when I had to go pee, I'd just stop & not get back on... but now I just pause it & then go again... and my feet normally go numb after a while on the elliptical (it's a thing that just happens from that type of exercise... I'm looking into different types of shoes to prevent that feeling (any suggestions?) ... so I'll get off the elliptical & stretch or whatever & then go again.  But I think this coming week, I'm going to pair the elliptical with some of the workout videos I've bought... I have:

So I'll let you guys know how those go...
As per Kristi's request, I'm going to do some posts about a few different topics: the songs I have on my exercise schedule and some of my go to snacks and foods.So stay tuned for those... they will be showing up on the right column as a link.  Take care!

Friday, April 02, 2010

Day 18

Well, I wasn't quite as happy with yesterday's weigh in ... I felt like I'd lost more than that... so  I got on this morning & sure enough, I was at 228lbs... So... one lb away from my pre-pregnancy weight (still a pretty scary number though) ...  5.5lbs lost since last weigh in & 28 lbs total since I've been keeping track... Only 88lbs to go!

Today I ate really well, (they had Easter candy, chocolate AND ordered in pizza...but I wasn't even tempted to have any because I am LOVING this eating clean thing... I feel sooo much better!)  and I just got done doing 80 minutes on the elliptical... 9.08 miles!  That's like what I was doing when Alex & I first started dating.

My newest snack that I've found is Silhouette's SatisfAction  It's amazing! It really does make you feel fuller, longer... and there's still no fat & only 80 calories.  So... I'm loving the heck outta that. (I feel like that's something my friend Kristi would say :)

Anyways... time to hit the shower & head off to bed!

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Day 17

Weigh in day!  I'm at 230!  So I lost 3.5 lbs in 2 weeks.  I feel like it was more though, because my clothes are feeling looser... I think it's just because I've been strength training & have built a little muscle...

Anyway... Valerie is calling me to go to the BURN DVD! Yay for me!