Friday, April 02, 2010

Day 18

Well, I wasn't quite as happy with yesterday's weigh in ... I felt like I'd lost more than that... so  I got on this morning & sure enough, I was at 228lbs... So... one lb away from my pre-pregnancy weight (still a pretty scary number though) ...  5.5lbs lost since last weigh in & 28 lbs total since I've been keeping track... Only 88lbs to go!

Today I ate really well, (they had Easter candy, chocolate AND ordered in pizza...but I wasn't even tempted to have any because I am LOVING this eating clean thing... I feel sooo much better!)  and I just got done doing 80 minutes on the elliptical... 9.08 miles!  That's like what I was doing when Alex & I first started dating.

My newest snack that I've found is Silhouette's SatisfAction  It's amazing! It really does make you feel fuller, longer... and there's still no fat & only 80 calories.  So... I'm loving the heck outta that. (I feel like that's something my friend Kristi would say :)

Anyways... time to hit the shower & head off to bed!


  1. It's weird, like you mentioned, you thought you lost more but your clothes felt loser... You're totally building muscle! So I think you should feel awesome and proud about that! You're losing weight so fast! That's great! And it's really amazing how much your body can change when you put good stuff in it.
    Have you ever tried almond milk? You can get it at any grocery store (usually in the health isle but can be with cereal too...) But anyways, it's so good and lower in calories. And tasty.
    I'm gonna try some of that yogurt... It sounds good!
    You've inspired me to get out there again today and keep jogging. So I'm going to do it today!
    Love you!!

  2. Totally something I'd say!

    Kellie....I have to tell you...I'm feeling beyond inspired by this. I just want to get up and go and eat healthy. Please share your tips and keep writing a much as you can. Like I'm sooooooo pumped because of you. I hope you get to a point where you feel you can share this blog with the world because I think that so many will benefit from this. Like I'm so pumped I can't even write it all. But you've always been a source of inspiration for me :)

    I love the idea of treating yourself with those items. Most people would celebrate with a chocolate bar! So are you still doing WW? I did that and lost some weight and I find it pretty easy to follow. Especially if I eat the meals but I want to know more about the clean eating. Now that I see that book I remember Matt and I were thinking of getting it. I have the food allergies issue though so I find it really hard to eat a lot of healthy foods because I'm allergic to a lot of veggies and I'm thinking of getting a book on eating for your blood type so I'll see how that goes. But please keep writing. Oh my gosh for reals. And sharing the songs you have on your playlist...your exercise schedule and tell us some of you go to snacks and foods. PUMPED Kellie.....PUMPED! xoxoxox

  3. OK I totally tried that yogurt last night and it is so yummy; tonne of flavor!

    Your doing awesome! I am so glad that you are feeling better. I feel like that is your reward until you reach your goal and will be the thing that keeps you going after you get were you want to be! I hope your taking lots of pictures on your journey!

  4. Sounds like you are doing good, keep up the good work, and I hope that I can start back on track to lose my weight. We can inspire each other. We did it once, we can do it again. :)


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