Sunday, April 18, 2010

Day 32

Well... I've been noticing it's harder to post as much with working full time :)  BUT.... I've quit doing the Farmers Market for a while... I need to focus on my family & my weight loss goals & try to keep my house from being a total disaster... My old routine was come home from work exhausted, do something about supper, then makes signs until it was time to go to bed... No quality time with Owen or Alex & no time for working out... So that had to change... my marriage needed some TLC & I NEED to work out every day.

So... eating has been pretty good. I'm loving this clean eating thing.  Because of the frequency & the types of foods I'm eating, my cravings for sugar & simple carbs have dropped considerably.  And working out has been going well too.  I'm noticing I'm able to do a lot more of the exercises in the DVDs than I was able to before.  My abs are getting stronger (I can actually do plank poses now!)  So in general, it's all good!

The book I'm reading right now is called "Half Assed"

And it's amazing.  This girl started out at 372 lbs at the age of 24 & went on to lose 200+ lbs.  It's really good to read about her habits prior to her weight loss & what she did to lose the weight. 

So I'm just continuing on, trying to stay motivated & improving  I haven't weighed myself lately... I like to wait for longer periods of time, so that it's a big suprise when I do... So maybe tomorrow!

p.s. Tanya... Congrats again to Colin... he looks amazing!


  1. Balance is so hard to find! So proud of you for sticking with it! You're doing great!

    Thanks Colin was really excited!

  2. I've finally gotten on board and read some of your posts. Great job and great motivation. It's got to hit me soon. Good food ideas too!


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