Friday, April 23, 2010

Day 37.... Waiting...


It feels like I should just be at my goal weight right now.   Like, since I'm motivated & I'm doing what's right... it should just be over & done with or something :(   But I guess I'll just have to wait...

* Waiting to feel comfortable in a swimsuit again (so I can take my little boy swimming)
* Waiting to be light enough to run again ( & get a running stroller to take Owen with me)
* Waiting to fit into the boxes (and boxes, and bags, and suitcases) of clothes I have in smaller sizes than I am right now)
* Waiting to feel more confident & comfortable in my own skin.
* Waiting to have people actually think that I'm a person that can do 90 minutes of cardio (cause I certainly don't look like I can right now :)

I'm still doing great with eating & working out.  I've been getting up & doing my workouts in the mornings, so that it's over & done with.  And it gives me a ton of energy for my day.  But it means I go to bed earlier (like, right after I'm done this post)  & I'm still not having very much trouble falling asleep.

And I took my measurements at the 2 week mark &I've lost inches all over... so I was super pumped about that.  And Alex even mentioned I'm looking smaller... and my clothes are definitely fitting looser... LOVE IT!

I gave up diet caffeinated pops... I was getting addicted, but then I found out about sodium (I never paid attention to sodium intake before) & decided to give it up.  And guess what else I gave up (well, mostly) 
 For  anyone that knows me, they know that this is a big deal...

This is what I used to watch, each & every week: ( I was going to put the list with all the show titles here... but realized I couldn't copy & paste the whole list at once & there are way too many to type individually)  But there were 28 shows.... 28!!!!! Mind you, I didn't always have time to watch the each week, but I'd have them saved up on my computer & watch them in a big session.  (A big, fat, sitting on my butt session)  So last week I just quit, cold turkey & I'm totally fine with it.  I get so much more meaningful things accomplished & I feel so much better about how my time is spent.  But my one guilty pleasure that I've been trying to still watch..... Glee... I LOVE IT!!! So good....

So, I will keep on going & will post a weigh in soon!

Upcoming posts... The fitbit & the Vita MIx


  1. Wow! I can't believe that you gave up TV!!! But you're so right, your life is about to fill up with many other things...
    And if you're going to watch just one show, Glee is a good one. It's so great!
    I never paid attention to sodium either until I started doing the challenge with Kristi and I cut out superfluous sodium. My body feels really different too! It's so worth it to eat healthy.
    So now that you're not watching TV, what are you doing instead while you're on the tread mill?

  2. That's huge to give up TV!! Wow!

    I had a BAD day yesterday with sodium. Like all I had was salty things yesterday. I felt terrible...and I still don't feel so hot today. It definitely bloats you up.

  3. Keep up the good work, Kell! You inspire me to try harder!

  4. Our TV is being pulled after LOST is over...
    Until then... we keep it.. but I am excited to see how much more time I will have on my hands!

    Great job!
    I keep getting sick and it is stalling my weight loss!


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