Monday, November 29, 2010

Weeks 3 & 4

Well... for week 3 there was a bit of a butter tart fiasco (thanks to an abundance of leftover treats from out Bear Creek Dental's First Annual Ladies Night) so I gained 0.2 lbs... but week 4 I lost 1.9 lbs... so I'm down a total of 13 lbs.  (202.5 ~ with clothes on) BUT... when I weighed myself the day before the weigh in (in the morning...naked as a jaybird) my Jenny Craig scale said I weighed 199.2 lbs... So YAY!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Week Two

So my Jenny Craig consultant (Jill) mentally prepared me for my weigh in on Friday... (I had already psyched myself out for the bad 2nd week ~ I've seen it time & time again on the Biggest Loser... you have a great first week & then tank on the 2nd week)  So we were both a little surprised when I lost 4.9 lbs!  She was like... "How did you do that?!?!"  I was thinking maybe like 2 lbs or something worse... but almost 5 lbs made me so happy & excited!  So that's 11.3 lbs in 2 weeks... almost as much as I did with Weight Watchers in 6 weeks.

Things have been really good... I really like the food & the convenience. And it helps me to stay on track when I think about what I've spent on the food (about $150 per week ~ which isn't that bad when you consider how much I was spending on food when I was going out to eat pretty much every day,,,because I felt like I had no time to prepare my food ahead of time)

Anyway... it's all good & I'll post some new pics soon :)

Friday, November 05, 2010

Week One

Well... drum roll please....

6.4 lbs!

Yup... It was a good first week... I'm really happy.  I'm really liking the food & especially not having to prepare everything.  Lovin it so far! :)

Monday, November 01, 2010

Well... I've tried everything else so....

Okay... so I've been stressed about being so busy lately & feeling like I have no time to do anything, let alone prepare healthy meals, get a good amount of sleep & go to the gym... so I've been a) NOT going to the gym & b) Getting BAD food that you can get from a drive thru strictly because it's quick on the way home from work.

So... in the midst of feeling terrible about all of this badness, I made a decision to try one of the last weight loss program I haven't already tried...can you guess which one?

I've always liked the actress Sara Rue

& I'd been following her weight loss & just saw their commercial last week & I got thinking about how many of my stressors in life would be solved if I had my meals all ready to go. So I went on Friday for a consultation & signed up & got my first weeks worth of food.  (Weigh in: afternoon/clothes on ~ 215.5lbs Ughhh...what a setback from naked in the morning 207.2lbs)

And... I LOVE IT! Well... we all love something new... but just as I suspected...I love just having to heat something up & I'm ready to go. And I like the idea of being able to meet with someone one on one every week to discuss challenges & ask questions, etc. And it's only $6.00 a week. I paid the $6 a week for the length of time they estimate it'll take me to lose the weight I want to, but I get to go there for a total of 3 years (including maintenance afterwards)

Weight Watchers was $18 a week to just get weighed in & then listen to a meeting that may or may not have been what I needed to hear a the time & I still had to prepare all of my own food AND count the points.  Not that I'm slamming WW ... it works for some & I'm happy for those it does work for... but with Jenny Craig, my entire week is planned out & I just check it off as I've eaten it...

Anyway... we'll see how it goes. I'm still in the Honeymoon phase :)