Monday, November 01, 2010

Well... I've tried everything else so....

Okay... so I've been stressed about being so busy lately & feeling like I have no time to do anything, let alone prepare healthy meals, get a good amount of sleep & go to the gym... so I've been a) NOT going to the gym & b) Getting BAD food that you can get from a drive thru strictly because it's quick on the way home from work.

So... in the midst of feeling terrible about all of this badness, I made a decision to try one of the last weight loss program I haven't already tried...can you guess which one?

I've always liked the actress Sara Rue

& I'd been following her weight loss & just saw their commercial last week & I got thinking about how many of my stressors in life would be solved if I had my meals all ready to go. So I went on Friday for a consultation & signed up & got my first weeks worth of food.  (Weigh in: afternoon/clothes on ~ 215.5lbs Ughhh...what a setback from naked in the morning 207.2lbs)

And... I LOVE IT! Well... we all love something new... but just as I suspected...I love just having to heat something up & I'm ready to go. And I like the idea of being able to meet with someone one on one every week to discuss challenges & ask questions, etc. And it's only $6.00 a week. I paid the $6 a week for the length of time they estimate it'll take me to lose the weight I want to, but I get to go there for a total of 3 years (including maintenance afterwards)

Weight Watchers was $18 a week to just get weighed in & then listen to a meeting that may or may not have been what I needed to hear a the time & I still had to prepare all of my own food AND count the points.  Not that I'm slamming WW ... it works for some & I'm happy for those it does work for... but with Jenny Craig, my entire week is planned out & I just check it off as I've eaten it...

Anyway... we'll see how it goes. I'm still in the Honeymoon phase :)


  1. Try what ever works. I wish I had those things here that I could try. Good luck


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