Friday, August 03, 2012

Losing It...All Over again!

Well... Baby #2 Kacie Jayne Lambert arrived on April 1, 2012... And now I'm in the process of getting to my goal weight (145lbs).  I have to lose 100lbs...AGAIN!  Here's a recap for anyone who wasn't following my weight loss journey last time  (where I hit 162lbs at the finale of the Biggest Loser Grande Prairie competition (- and won!) on March 19, 2011) My starting weight that time around was 267lbs... 105lbs over the span of almost 2 years (lots of starting & stopping...many failed weight loss attempts)

After the competition I put back on some weight (about 30 lbs between March & July when I got pregnant with Kacie) & then throughout the pregnancy I gained about 70lbs (ughh)... At the end of the pregnancy I weighed 255lbs.  (This time around I'm not going to be shy about my weight, as I've been there before & this will be the last time I'm there!)

After Kacie was born I actually got down to 237lbs pretty quickly, but then as I'd done with Owen, I was eating way too much & got back up to 250lbs (yuck!) & I've been hovering around there since then. I seem to keep gaining & losing the same 5lbs.

As for exercise...I started with just walking (outside & at the Multiplex around the track) & then once breastfeeding was well established & my breast size settled down & regulated a bit, I added in the elliptical & treadmill with some jogging intervals.  I also added in Bob Harper's Weight Loss Yoga & the Action Hero Babe DVD series... And then a few weeks ago I swallowed my pride, sucked it up & showed up at VO2max for Beginner Bootcamp.  The day after my first one, I had the usual sore legs/hamstrings, etc., but overall, it felt really good & I was glad to be back.  Everyone was really nice & happy to have me back.  I was really embarrassed about the weight that I'd gained...some of the people there hadn't seen me since the finale of the Biggest Loser when I was 162lbs! And I was about 90lbs heavier!

So I've been working out almost everyday... Most weeks I'm doing something everyday, with a rest day on Sunday.  I'm trying to keep my eating in check, but I still have mini freak outs from time to time.  I'm going to be completely honest about what I'm doing & how things are going.  If I binge on something, I'm going to let you guys know about it.  I'm going to be accountable to all of you & hopefully that will help to keep me on track.  I've got big plans for this blog, so stay tuned!