Thursday, July 29, 2010

Long time no post

Wow... I can't believe it's been since May that I've posted.  Time has flown by.  Thanks to all of you that have sent me messages wondering when my next post will be.

Things have been a little slack for me in the last little while :(  I'm not sure why but my drive & motivation has been down in the dumps & cravings for bad foods, on the other hand, have gone way way up  :(  So the progress has been slower & I may have even regressed a little (I'm too afraid to get on the scale for fear of what I'll be told)

But I still have ultimately the same goals... I just need to pick up the pace & increase my motivation to do better. So how will I do that?  I'm not totally sure... but one thing I've been trying recently is talk therapy/ hypnotherapy.  I know you guys are thinking ... "Wow, Kellie really will try anything!"  But from my perspective I've tried everything else, why not this?

The lady I'm seeing is Joanna Moen  & I heard about her from a girl at the Farmer's Market who had gone to her for weight loss & found it to be very effective.  What I like about our sessions is that because it begins with talk therapy, I can talk to her about things related to my weight loss struggles & she's going to help me figure out why I turn to food for comfort rather than treating it as fuel for my body & a source for an appropriate amount of pleasure.

Now, I'd never been hypnotized before & I thought for sure it wouldn't work for me & was really nervous during our first session... but it's actually really cool.  I feel very comfortable talking with her & as she guides me through the hypnotherapy process, I just end up becoming very relaxed & just focus on her voice as she gives positive reinforcement & subtle suggestions for things to change or improve upon.  Today I was so relaxed I was even drifting in & out of sleep, but could still focus mostly on what she was saying.  It was really neat.

So, I'm going to try to get back on the saddle & get up & go again.  Please, if you feel so inclined, write me a message of encouragement... it would be much appreciated!  I'm off to use the elliptical... YAY!