Saturday, May 29, 2010

I promise I'm still here!

Things have been good... sometimes a lapse on a weight loss blog can mean a lapse in commitment & weight loss itself, but in my case it was just the fact that my computer died & I had to wait to get it fixed... hence the hiatus.

But in the meantime, I've joined Snap Fitness, have purchased a device that let's me watch downloaded shows from a memory stick on a TV (which I've set up in front of my elliptical) & I've dropped to 210.8 lbs! Only 66 lbs to go! I know it's still a lot, but it's 45 lbs I'll never have to see again!

I watched the Biggest Loser... LOVE that show... very inspiring.  Makes me want to train for a marathon.  But I've been finding my knees (esp the right one) are sore from the treadmill, so I'll have to keep switching it up between the elliptical, the ARC trainer & the treadmill.  And I'm going to have an espsom salt soak right now :)

But this weekend has been a little bit of a disaster as far as eating clean. I've eaten about 60% healthy... It's only due to eating out of convenience instead of eating what's best... but I'll stay focused & get back on harm, no foul... no slip slidin down the shame spiral.

Although I will have to be on a shame spiral for starting to watch the Bachelorette... I know... I'm a huge dork.

p.s. We're getting a Running Room here in Grande Prairie... yay!

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Cheating on Your Diet = Getting the Flu

Now, that may not actually be true, but all I know is... Friday was the worst day for eating I`ve had so far.  I knew it was going to happen sometime, & Friday was the day.  It started with me not being prepared & having lunch at work with me.  I went to Tim Hortons & got a Turkey sandwich, diet pepsi & apple fritter (which, after I looked at the nutritional guide, I realized I should NOT have gotten either of those things)

Then it was down hill from there in terms of the following:

Vanilla Bean Frappucino (no whip) from Starbucks & for some reason ANOTHER Apple Fritter, way too many of the Hersheys 100 calorie cookie bar snacks, a Hamburger & a Hot Dog for dinner & then more 100 calorie snack packs (just so you know, it`s not effective snacking if you`re eating more than one package in a sitting)

So the next morning I woke up & knew something was wrong.  The entire day was spent on the couch (or on or over the toilet) in agony.  I knew it was the flu because I had a fever & the chills as well, but I am also looking at it as being karma punishing me for eating so much junk.  My body did NOT feel good afterwards & I hope I will never do that again!

But the good news is, in weighing myself this morning, I weighed in at 214.5 lbs... So 4.5 lbs lost & only 69.5 lbs to go!  It`s starting to seem like a more tangible goal :)  One of my goals is to be under 200 lbs by my birthday (July 19th)  So I have 71 days to lose 15 lbs (1.5 lbs a week).  I hope I can do it!

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Frustrated, but it's okay!

Well I've been getting frustrated because I've been super diligent about eating perfectly healthy & working out every day & I wasn't losing  as much as I wanted to, as quickly.  So I took a couple days break from my normal routine. And I followed some advice & adjusted the amount of protein I was eating (& the type) & started back up with the cardio & when  I weighed in I was 220.5 lbs... so that's 35.5lbs down since I joined Weight Watchers & 13 lbs since I've been keeping track (about 6 weeks ago)  ... so I'm happy.

It would be nice if I could get results like they do on the Biggest Loser, but I certainly don't have time to spend hours & hours in the gym everyday.  So I'll just keep going at my pace & I knpw it'll take longer, but hopefully I'll be able to tone as I go & not have as much of the loose extra skin business I keep reading about (YUCK).

So good news... I got a massage on Friday & my massage therapist (Julie; she's amazing) told me she noticed my muscle tone is improving! So that's awesome... I am starting to feel more powerful.

I was getting bored of my elliptical, so I decided today to go to the Leisure Centre (local multiplex type thing) & hit up the weight/fitness room.  I just did the treadmill for an hour, but it was amazing how something different made me motivated.  And it felt like it was working different muscles. So I plan to start going there more often & try out some classes as well.  Anything to switch it up a bit.  I'll have to lose a lot more weight before I feel comfortable using the weight machines & free weights with all the beefcakes, but cardio is fine for now.  :)

I just finished the book Half Assed (At age 24 and 372 pounds, Jennette Fulda thought maybe the best way to lose weight was to have her gallbladder removed. Then she decided to work her ass off—literally. In her journey from full-figured to half-assed, she stops only to knock her cat off the treadmill.  Follow Jennette as she loses over half her weight without losing her sense of humor in this light-hearted and inspirational tale. You’ll only put it down because you’ll want to get up and exercise.)

And now I'm reading The Amazing Adventures of Diet Girl  ( is the true story of how Shauna Reid lost half her body weight. Full of adventure, romance and chocolate, the book goes beyond the blog and spans seven years and seven jean sizes.)

So these books are keeping me motivated & help me to know it is possible!