Saturday, May 29, 2010

I promise I'm still here!

Things have been good... sometimes a lapse on a weight loss blog can mean a lapse in commitment & weight loss itself, but in my case it was just the fact that my computer died & I had to wait to get it fixed... hence the hiatus.

But in the meantime, I've joined Snap Fitness, have purchased a device that let's me watch downloaded shows from a memory stick on a TV (which I've set up in front of my elliptical) & I've dropped to 210.8 lbs! Only 66 lbs to go! I know it's still a lot, but it's 45 lbs I'll never have to see again!

I watched the Biggest Loser... LOVE that show... very inspiring.  Makes me want to train for a marathon.  But I've been finding my knees (esp the right one) are sore from the treadmill, so I'll have to keep switching it up between the elliptical, the ARC trainer & the treadmill.  And I'm going to have an espsom salt soak right now :)

But this weekend has been a little bit of a disaster as far as eating clean. I've eaten about 60% healthy... It's only due to eating out of convenience instead of eating what's best... but I'll stay focused & get back on harm, no foul... no slip slidin down the shame spiral.

Although I will have to be on a shame spiral for starting to watch the Bachelorette... I know... I'm a huge dork.

p.s. We're getting a Running Room here in Grande Prairie... yay!


  1. Well first I stinkin' love The Bachelorette. Just sayin'. But I love all TV these days. Nothing else to do.

    45lbs is such a huge accomplishment!!!! You are rocking it out. Keep at 'er friend. You're doing great.

  2. Just Checkin in! I was thinking about you and wondering how your doing!?! You are inspiring!-xo-

  3. I hope you are still doing well! Have a happy summer!!!!


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