Friday, August 03, 2012

Losing It...All Over again!

Well... Baby #2 Kacie Jayne Lambert arrived on April 1, 2012... And now I'm in the process of getting to my goal weight (145lbs).  I have to lose 100lbs...AGAIN!  Here's a recap for anyone who wasn't following my weight loss journey last time  (where I hit 162lbs at the finale of the Biggest Loser Grande Prairie competition (- and won!) on March 19, 2011) My starting weight that time around was 267lbs... 105lbs over the span of almost 2 years (lots of starting & stopping...many failed weight loss attempts)

After the competition I put back on some weight (about 30 lbs between March & July when I got pregnant with Kacie) & then throughout the pregnancy I gained about 70lbs (ughh)... At the end of the pregnancy I weighed 255lbs.  (This time around I'm not going to be shy about my weight, as I've been there before & this will be the last time I'm there!)

After Kacie was born I actually got down to 237lbs pretty quickly, but then as I'd done with Owen, I was eating way too much & got back up to 250lbs (yuck!) & I've been hovering around there since then. I seem to keep gaining & losing the same 5lbs.

As for exercise...I started with just walking (outside & at the Multiplex around the track) & then once breastfeeding was well established & my breast size settled down & regulated a bit, I added in the elliptical & treadmill with some jogging intervals.  I also added in Bob Harper's Weight Loss Yoga & the Action Hero Babe DVD series... And then a few weeks ago I swallowed my pride, sucked it up & showed up at VO2max for Beginner Bootcamp.  The day after my first one, I had the usual sore legs/hamstrings, etc., but overall, it felt really good & I was glad to be back.  Everyone was really nice & happy to have me back.  I was really embarrassed about the weight that I'd gained...some of the people there hadn't seen me since the finale of the Biggest Loser when I was 162lbs! And I was about 90lbs heavier!

So I've been working out almost everyday... Most weeks I'm doing something everyday, with a rest day on Sunday.  I'm trying to keep my eating in check, but I still have mini freak outs from time to time.  I'm going to be completely honest about what I'm doing & how things are going.  If I binge on something, I'm going to let you guys know about it.  I'm going to be accountable to all of you & hopefully that will help to keep me on track.  I've got big plans for this blog, so stay tuned!


  1. Good luck! Can't wait to follow you through this journey! And there is nothing to be embarrassed about; you gained weight because you had a baby-perfectly normal! You know that you can do it!-xx- PS I love to go on to and watch videos-tonnes of great info and motivation!

  2. Great job Kellie! Just keep working and you'll have the weight off in no time! Try and make small goals, ones you know you can obtain, that way you won't get too frustrated if you don't make the goal and then turn around and start binging.
    Kacie is beautiful and you want to be healthy for her and Owen ( :

  3. I'm so proud of you Kell! And I'm super excited to go on this journey with you too! I can hear the frustration in your voice, but Kacie is so beautiful and healthy and your body GREW her for you! It can do such amazing things and I KNOW you and your body can reach any goal you make for yourself. I'm going to be right here with you working on my own goals too. You're brave and awesome and I'm so excited for you to reach your goal!

  4. I am right there with you kellie! I have about 40 pounds of post baby weight (and thyroid medication fluctuations!). Please let me know if you ever want some company! Or just someone to commiserate with. I know how it is, too, having lost 70 pounds and got to my happy weight, then getting pregnant, having a baby, and having that same weight to lose again. So let me know if you ever want a running buddy, or someone to go to vo2 max with (as I've been meaning to go try that out!) I'm here for whatever! Much love... xo


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