Sunday, April 11, 2010

Day 26

Well I found it really hard to post this week... with working full time, by the time I get home, it's hard to find the time to post... so sorry about that.  Things went well this week, for the most part.  I did well with working out (in the beginning of the week) & even tried Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred on one of my cardio days.  It was intense... And I'm going to have to double up on bras next time.... Anyone have a good recommendation for bras that offer awesome support during vigorous workouts?

But by Thursday I found #1) I felt like I just didn't have time to workout ~ I had a lot of custom orders to do for the Farmer's Market & I was like, "Okay, I can run for 80 minutes, or I can get work done on custom orders"... and because of reason #2) I had little to no energy because of a head cold I'd had (& still have)... I was continuing to go go go at my normal pace & it finally wore me out.  Thursday night I crashed at 8 & slept for an hour & then worked on custom orders.

And then Friday I REALLY didn't have time because I worked & then had to go right to the Farmers Market.  And Saturday I just had ABSOLUTELY no energy at all after the Market & then running around with Owen until we picked Alex up.

BUT... my nutrition has still been really good & Tosca Reno says in her Eating Clean book that  our physical shape is 80% nutrition. 10% genetics & 10% exercise... so I'm okay with my 3 day break... I got back on the horse (my elliptical) today & it felt great.

I weighed myself on the Wii on Thursday & it said 223.7 ( which is just a little more than 4 lbs down from the last weigh in) but I'll wait until my official weigh in date (Wednesday)  I only like to weigh in every 2 weeks because I tend to go up & down.  So we'll see.

But the main thing is ... I'm still going.  Normally, but now, I definitely would've been off the bandwagon. So... YAY for me!

AND... they had cupcakes in Young Womens today (I teach the Mia Maids & Laurels) & I didn't have any :)


  1. yea! good for you. I want to lose 5 more pounds for when I come home in 3 weeks. I seem to be stuck but I am going to KEEP GOING. I would love an elliptical, running gets boring. I commend you for doing the shred....I only did it a few times. yikes

  2. 4 lbs that is awesome...I am down 4lbs this week too. i find the elliptical a little hard on my back...but i am going to keep doing it.

    your are awesome.

  3. Hey taking three days off is no biggie at all. Especially like you's really 80% eating. There is a girl at my work who is working her BUTT off these past few months and she's looking better and losing weight but she's only lost 8lbs. Which I think is still fabulous...but she wonders what's wrong. I keep telling her that although she's eating "healthy food" (she's from here and grew up on fried food, chips and pop) she eats WAY too big of portions. (like cereal would be at least 3 cups - yogurt would equal to three yogurt cups in one sitting etc...) So I think you're really seeing great results from how well you're doing with your food. Keep it up friend. You rock it out.

  4. Ya, I'm with Kristi. One day is ok. Just don't let yourself tell yourself that every day!
    If you're honestly run down and need to give yourself a day or two to recoup, I think it's ok. You sound so busy!


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