Sunday, March 20, 2011


So I'm sure you already know (thanks Facebook) about the Biggest Loser Finale on Saturday... I won first place!  (Yay! Thank you so much for all of your positive comments & posts...very much appreciated... I've got them all saved in my email folder called "Fat to Fit" & will go back to read them when I'm felling down, or not motivated.

So this past week I lost 9lbs (I know, right?!?) for a total of 34 lbs or 17.34% in the competition.  I weighed in at 162lbs for a total of 94lbs lost)  But some of that weight loss was strategic weight loss (i.e.  dehydration, empty system, etc ~ so I'm going to leave my weight at what I weighed in at Jenny Craig the day before at: 167.8 lbs...which is amazing because I've not weighed that amount in a really long time!  Only 20-ish lbs to go!

Grand prize re-cap: I won $1000 cash, $1100 to Subway, a $2500 treadmill & a year's unlimited membership to VO2 Max (My fave fitness establishment ever!!!) So I'm pretty excited about moving ahead with the next phase.of my journey.

I won't be eating Jenny Craig food anymore.  I'll be Eating Clean.  I just realized how much better I did/felt when I ate clean foods this past week.  Jenny Craig was helpful for me because I was at a point where I felt like I didn't have enough time to prepare healthy meals & wasn't motivated enough to make the time.  So with Jenny Craig food, it was portioned properly & was readily available.  But now I've come far enough along that I want to fuel my body with foods that will give it the proper nutrition.  I will still meet with Jill once a month to weigh in & see how I'm doing on my own, & I can still buy any foods I'd like for as long as my program lasts (I think mine was 4 years including maintenance)... just in case I need to have something quick. (For example, I still have all of the food I bought for last week that I'll keep in the freezer for the nights I get home from work & just don't feel like making anything.

So it's been along journey & although at this point you might be inclined to say it's almost done, I realize now that it's a journey that will never be "done" per say... it's what my life is going to be forever.  And I'm really excited about that :)

Here are some pics from the finale.
Getting weighed in
Accepting the Subway prize
Happy/trying not to cry
Reviewing the prize package
"What? Oh, these are just my guns in training"
From the side
Still can't believe I've come this far!
(I mean...look at the picture directly to your left!)


  1. WooHoo!!!! look fabulous.

    So proud of you.

  2. AAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!! That's me SCREAMING RIGHT NOW!!! I"M SOOOO HAPPY FOR YOU! OH Kell, I'm beyond proud of you! YOU ARE THE BEST!!!! Not just because you WON!! But also because you set a goal and you are punching it in the face!!!!! BOOYA!!!! LOVE your guns you hot lady! Way to GO!!!!

  3. I don't have enough words friend. I'm so beyond in admiration of you. I'm gonna add you to my inspiration board!

  4. Thanks guys! For all your continued encouragement & comments through out this journey so far. Love you all!

  5. YOU did it!!! You look amazing! I hope you take some of your winnings and buy so cute clothes:) I love looking at all your pictures; you're glowing! You are beautiful!


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