Friday, January 21, 2011



Can I just say... I lost 3.7 lbs this past week! I worked so hard with cardio everyday & made sure I stuck to my Jenny Craig menu EXACTLY & was so happy to see 3.7 lbs! This week I also discovered that shovelling snow is a GREAT workout. We had a lot of snow fall this week & in the beginning I dreaded having to do it, but once I saw how many calories I was burning (thanks to my Jenny Craig armband) I was burning & then looked forward to getting some done each night in addition to the elliptical I was doing in the mornings.  Last night I wanted to do some more, but our walkway & sidewalk were already done... so I did the entire sidewalk on our street & my neighbour's walkway.  Tonight I'll be doing our back deck...Alex tells me the snow is up to his waist!  He wants me to put it all in one place so he can try to make a snow cave. I'll be sure to take pictures.

So I have other BIG news... the BIGGEST!... 

Grande Prairie is having a BIGGEST LOSER competition. One of the radio stations here (the one that Alex used to work at) is pairing up with one of the gyms here in town (V02 Max) & their having a Biggest Loser competition with some big, BIG prizes... $6000.00 worth... And guess what? I totally applied to be a contestant! The prizes are $1000 cash, $1000 in Subway GC, a year membership at VO2 Max, and Treadmill valued at $2000 from Canadian Tire.

So... the first thing I have to do is get chosen as a contestant... then I'm gonna tear it up with eating perfectly & doing so much cardio it'll make your head spin! AND THEN... I'm gonna WIN!  My goal is to mimic the weight loss I had this week (3.7 lbs) & lose a total of at least 30 lbs in the 8 weeks of the contest. I'll be doing my regular cardio in the morning, the stairs at work at lunch time & more cardio in the evenings & on weekends. I'm going to meet with my personal trainer, Dustin (Aftershock Fitness... he's also the manager at my gym, Snap Fitness) to find out how much cardio I can do without dying!

So stay tuned... if I'm chosen, you'll get to check out my bio & they're even going to be posting the weigh-ins on I'll make sure you guys get that info.  Wish me luck & I know I'll totally need your support to do well :)


  1. So excited for you..
    YOU are doing awesome..
    I have been tempted with Jenny Craig.. It's been the money for the food which has been putting me off.. how do you find it with your previous budget?? Also I don't have an outlet anywhere near me, so??? Do they ship you the food?

  2. Congrats!!! I say that as I am sitting here eating my pudding cups.....yes -that is CUPS. Seriously -how fo you have the energy to do that much cardio??

    Keep it up!!!


  3. Good for you. It's a lot work I know! I always thought you were beautiful anyway. Here's fingers crossed you get to compete. Good luck

  4. Good luck Kellie! You've been doing great so far. Keep up the good work ( :


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