Saturday, January 15, 2011

Week 11

On a roll... Worked out really hard (6 days this weeks) & ate really well...aside from one day hat I freaked out a bit & had treats I shouldn't have... and I'm down to 196.5 lb!  1.6 lbs gone. AND.... I've lost a total of sixty lbs now :) YAY!

Things that re noticeably better...1)  Clothes are fitting looser.  It's so nice to just stand there & feel the fabric "floating" around your thighs.  I know that sounds weird... but for the most part, my pants have always fit tight. So it's nice to have things fitting loose.  2) I'm actually starting to notice a slimmer physique.  I know I've still got a long way to go, but I am noticing a difference in my body. (When I look at it from the side, etc.)  3) Other people are noticing too. I've been getting quite a few comments & it's helped me to have the drive to keep going & word hard.

My next "mini goal" is to lose a minimum of 2.2 lbs each week for the next 3 weeks.  If I can do that then I will be out of the 90's & into the 80's & I'll be going to Calgary for a Scentsy convention (& some shopping) & my reward will be some new lululemon clothes.  So I hope I can do it! Send some positive energy my way (via comments) to help me along :)


  1. Kelly !!! Congrats..that is awesome. Give me a call when you are in Calgary and we can go out for lunch or dinner..and if you bring your sweet babe Ill babysit him. :)


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