Saturday, February 26, 2011


Can I just say... INTO THE 70's!!!!  Well.... just barely.  I weighed in yesterday at Jenny Craig & lost 3.1 lbs & am now 179.5 lbs.  I haven't been in the 70's since Alex & I got married. I FEEL AMAZING!!!!  I just have to say that I love VO2 Max soooooo much.  Here is a list of things I have done within the last 2 weeks that I NEVER thought I could ever do...

1) Push ups from my toes rather than just my knees (like 8 sets of them at a time... so like 50 push ups!)

2) Box jumps... totally overcame a psychological fear I had of trusting myself to jump (with both feet at the same time!) onto a wooden box.  (The one I jumped on was a lot shorter than the one featured in the video in the link)

3) Full sit ups... My abs were terrible & when doing crunches I would get stuck at about 5 inches high... but last week at bootcamp one night, I was just able to do full ones & have been able to do them ever since & it's amazing!!!

and today....

for the first time ever....

I flipped a 330 lb myself!!!

That is the size of the tire I flipped... And believe me, it was intense.  I'd flipped it with another person before, but I was a goal of mine to do it by myself.  I tried last week & couldn't do it...but today... I got 'er done!  It felt fantastic & I'm not gonna lie, after screaming for a bit, I had a couple of tears of joy in my eyes. 

So that's why I'm so grateful for V02 Max, because without that facility, I never would've been able to accomplish these things.  And I feel so empowered every time I'm there & make it through a bootcamp.

Today was our 2nd Biggest Loser challenge.  We had to do 16 over head presses w/ 15 lb weights, then step up onto a wooden box (not jump) 16 times, then run through a rope grid, then run 4 bean bags back & forth a 10 foot distance, then run across a balance beam, THEN row 500m.  Fastest time wins.  So I went first & booted it & got everything done in 3:39.  I was in first place for the whole thing until Troy went (last) & creamed me with a time of 3:03. 

So it was almost a sweet victory of a 2lb advantage at Monday's weigh in...but once again... Troy got it. That's okay though because the 2lb advantage doesn't count at the finale & as long as I don't get eliminated on Monday, I should still be good to go. :)

Here are the pics Meaghan took of me last week & today...

Gotta keep going!


  1. Holy CRAP you are looking soooo skinny! Look how skinny your face is!!!!!! Super inspiring dear friend. Super super!!!

  2. I really dont know what to look so good. You are getting closer and closer to your goal each week. Congrats. You will for sure be close if not already there before the wedding in Jamica

  3. You rock!!! And are so incredibly brave for sharing your journey with everyone. You look amazing and should be super proud of yourself :)

  4. Good job! Keep it up! You are an inspiration!

  5. Kelli! You look and sound HEALTHY!! This is totally it, you're almost at your goal and I couldn't be more proud and inspired! Way to flip that tire, do those push ups, jump ups and sit ups!!!
    Love ya!

  6. You look so good! I wish I had your motivation!


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