Friday, February 11, 2011

Week 15

Well... another awesome week.  I worked so hard (elliptical or treadmill in the mornings, stairs at work at lunch time & boot camp or other exercise on most evenings) & ate everything I was supposed to with Jenny Craig (as opposed to cutting way back on calories) & I lost 3.7 lbs! I am slightly more than half way through the 80's & hope to be in the 70's by Feb 25th. 

Things have been so good. I try to get as much exercise in as I can (mostly for the competition ~ if I wasn't in the Biggest Loser I might only be working out once a day), but have taken measures to not get burned out. For example: this week I had a sinus cold & so I skipped my evening workout on Tues & my morning one on Wednesday, to get some extra rest.  And I didn't beat myself up about it.  Also, I try to get as much sleep as ssible...even if it means going to bed right after Owen goes to bed.  I am missing out on some things I'd like to do (like watching some TV shows, hangng out with friends, etc), but this is something that I'm working towards right now, & I know that although it's a huge investment of my time & effort right now, it won't always have to be that way.  I know that eventually I'll only have to do "maintenance" workouts rather that the full on workouts I;m doing now.

Things went well with the Biggest Loser weigh in as well.  They had initally weighed me in at 196lbs & then on Monday I weighed in at 189lbs.  So I lost 7lbs & came in 4th overall. You can view the results here.  And if you want to see all of my fellow contestants, you can see them here.  And if you'd like to see pictures from the contest, go here. And... I just found this out... there's videos too!  So it's been pretty fun so far... Lots of hard workouts with Janine at V02 Max.  And our first challenge is cross your fingers that I'll win!


  1. Awesome...before you started the biggest many hours did you work out each day?

  2. I would normally do about 45-60 minutes on the elliptical in the morning, & then try to do up to 90 minutes on the weekends. (And have 1 or 2 rest days) And I hadn't been incorporating strength training, which I am not that I'm in the competition.


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