Friday, April 01, 2011

You asked...

Visible Voice said...
I bought some books. I had too. I'd like to know your simple go to meals and snacks. xoxox....

My go-to snacks are: an apple OR the cranberry almond thins (red box from Costco... individually wrapped at 100 cals) w/ almond butter,
an egg & one egg white w/ an orange, yogurt, veggies w/ hummus &/or tzaziki, almonds... What I have for my morning snack (meal) will determine what I'll have for my afternoon one (like, I wouldn't have fruit both times, for eg)

My go to meals are I always have a huge salad in the fridge & I'll vary what my protein is that goes with it.  Like an egg & an egg white with walnuts (that's my fave right now).  Or a chicken breast, or shrimp.  At lunch time I'll have a piece of Ezikiel 3:9 bread w/ tzaziki.  Supper is usually a salad again w/ a different source of protein & my carbs come from fibrous veggies at that point (no traditional carbs after about 3 or 4pm)  If I'm sick of salad I'll saute spinach & mushrooms w/ shrimp & lots of garlic/chilies.

Usually I'm eating after my bootcamp in the evening, so I'm not hungry enough to have an evening snack, but if I am, I'll have yogurt w/ fruit or if I want something "bad" I'll take a few individually wrapped 85% cacao dark chocolate squares & dip them in almond butter.  YUM!

Now I'm not perfect & I'll freak out every now & then... but my freak outs are more controlled & conscious than they were in the I'll get a mini one flavour blizzard instead of a medium two flavoured one.  And I'll let myself have a nice restaurant meal every once and a while.  That way I won't go crazy.

Now that I'm done the competition, I'm okay with losing at a slower, consistent pace.  I KNOW the rest of the weight will come off... I have confidence in that fact (something I never had before :)  I just have to keep working!

Keep the questions coming guys... I love it!


  1. Thanks friend! And I think it's good to have the occasional dinner out or blizzard. Helps you kill a craving, not feel deprived and after if you feel like junk enough it helps re-set you. I know more through Matt rather then me because you know...he's hard core most of the time.

  2. I think what we all have to remember are that these are lifestyle changes, after a while these decisions will be automatic, and just what you do. In time looking back you won't believe some of the food and activity choices you made. Here's to healthy lifestyles, and a new forever body! Le Anna

  3. Way to go Kell! I'm glad to hear that you're not perfect and that you work WITH yourself and your cravings. I think that's the key to success and it sounds like you have found a good balance. I'm trying to find that balance too. Good work!
    I'm wondering, if you do freak out, what do you do mentally to get yourself back on track?


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