Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Day 8

So yesterday was Sunday & was a rest day.  I did mess up a little with eating, but I'll be okay.  I find it's hardest in the evenings for me.

Today is a new day & it's the first day of my new program ... Action Hero Babe ... I found this program a while ago when I saw Jennifer Garner on Ellen using these cool little things that basically looked like furniture slides to help her do lunges... And I thought ... What a great idea!  So I looked up Valerie Waters (Jennifer's trainer) & found the "Valslides"  & then saw that she had the whole system... the Action Hero Babe system... so I ordered it right away... and I've had it for a while... but being back on the bandwagon now, I've committed to doing the 8 week program, starting today.

There's 6 different DVD's ... Build - Burn & Sculpt, each in Phase 1 (done for one month) & then Phase 2 (for the next month) ... Today I did the Build Phase 1 disc & man.... I'm sore... It's good... but it's done in circuits, so you get breaks... Anyway... I'm loving it so far... There's a whole binder that has your workouts & nutrition guide with recipes, your goals & motivations.... I'm hoping it'll help me stay on track.

So tomorrow is Cardio & Yoga... back to the elliptical I go!

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  1. Wow sounds totally awesome and a little complicated for my pea sized brain... Do you like working out at home better than the gym?


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