Thursday, March 25, 2010

Day 10

So yesterday was a cardio/yoga day.  I did the elliptical... 25 minutes, 2.63 miles.  I didn't end up getting to do the 15 minute yoga DVD that came with the AHB program (funny how the day can slip away from you!)  But I did get to stretch a lot after "running"  One of my fave things to do on the elliptical is during the chorus of certain songs ... leaning forward & grabbing on to the middle handles (the ones that don't move) & bounce a little more & go a little faster... I pretend I'm in a spinning class... I'm a dork, but it's so fun... spices things up a bit.

And I was soooo sore yesterday.  That Build DVD is killer.  Normally I would've said "Oh, I'm too sore, I won't do the cardio today"  And then I'd get off track & it'd be all over... But I went ahead & it wasn't too bad!  I got a massage today & then I just finished the Burn DVD a little while ago.

So tomorrow is cardio/yoga & I don't have as much going on hopefully I can go for longer on the elliptical & get the yoga dvd done.

And one other thing I've noticed since I've been exercising everyday... I don't have as much trouble falling asleep as I did before... YAY! (You were right Alex :)

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  1. Kellie, do you find that if you just push through your work out pains that it gets easier and they're not as intense? When I first started running it hurt SO much. And I had to only go running like every 3 or 4 days. I ended up just pushing through it and it seemed to get better but I didn't want to hurt myself... It's hard to know!


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