Monday, March 29, 2010

Day 15

My husband came home for the night (as a surprise) but I didn't use his being here as an excuse to get out of working out.  I asked him to take care of Owen while I did my thing (the BUILD DVD & part of the Carmen Electra's Fit to Strip DVD)

It was only supposed to be the Build DVD, but I wanted to get a little extra cardio in as well, since I had the energy.  And I ate really well today too.  My breakfast was a protein shake (skim milk, ice, 1 scoop choc protein powder - lots of protein & like NO FAT! - & a few chunks of frozen banana & then a tsp of wheat germ & 1 tsp of some little seeds (that kinda look like poppy seeds) that I got at the Farmers Market... apparently they're amazing for you... I'll find out what they are for you guys)

So it's been a good day... & now I'm gonna go hang out with my husband!

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  1. Good for you Kell!! It's so inspiring to hear you proud of yourself!


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