Monday, June 23, 2014

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookie Batter Protein Pudding

Yes, I realize this is the longest name in the history of names...but I really needed to capture the essence of what I'd created & exactly what I was tasting.

Let me tell you about this snack I just made for myself...It's amazing! It tastes exactly like the name describes. So lets get down to the recipe (measurements are approx, because when I cook & bake, I kind of just throw things in until I'm happy...but I'll try to be as accurate as I can):

1/2 cup FF greek yogurt
2-3 TBSP 1% cottage cheese
1 scoop Cellucor Cookies n Cream protein powder
1-2 TBSP PB2
3 pitted dates
1 tsp Stevia
Unsweetened almond milk to desired consistency (I used 1-2 TBSP)
Topped with: 1 TBSP melted Kraft Chocolate Peanut Butter
Rockwell's Coconut Chips

I mixed all ingredients in my food processor (to chop up the dates & emulsify the cottage cheese), adding almond milk as needed for consistency. Then I topped with the melted peanut butter & coconut chips. 

So delish! This weighs in at about 365 calories for the whole recipe... Let me tell you, I wasn't able to eat the whole thing...only about 3/4 of it.  So feel free to cut the recipe as needed, or just save some for later! Enjoy!

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