Tuesday, November 25, 2014

UGH... Confession Time

 She looks so happy, right?

Today was a good day... 2 "runs" ...total of 7.29 km...ate well. It's good that it was a good day. There haven't been too many of them lately.  Luckily I have amazing people that care about me... People that hae asked me where the heck I've been...on Instagram, on Facebook, on this blog... Confession time: I've been a total slacker and unfortunately it's amounted to an alarmingly staggering 20lb weight gain....UGH...there... I said it.

I've always had hills and valleys of dedication and motivation & this time around has just been the worst.  But I'll pick myself up again and keep going. Hopefully this time it will stick! It has to because I'm sure not getting any younger!

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  1. It's ok Kellie. We all have our ups and downs. You're going to break through this and give it all you got!


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