Saturday, November 29, 2014

Good Week

Some ups and downs...fairly consistent for eating outside & to the gym a few times... all around, a pretty good week. So why am I not seeing anything on the scale? Should I just ditch the scale? I'm addicted to the scale (weigh 1x/day) & it gets VERY frustrating when I don't see the numbers go down...especially when I know I'm eating well & working out.

I will give it some more time, I guess. The last time I was eating really well & working out & the numbers were going down I was almost considering seeing an MD to see if there was something wrong metabolically. So I guess I'll hold to that this time around... If I'm not seeing results in 4 weeks of consistency (eating & exercise) I will go to my doctor to get some things checked out.

Until is something I found on Pinterest...

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