Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Bacon Brussel Sprout Slaw

Yummy lunch today! You will need:

*Bacon - as many slices as you'd like. I think I used 6
*Brussel sprouts - I used enough to make about 2 cups of shredded slaw.
*Sea salt, pepper, garlic powder & dehydrated onion to taste.

*Start by baking the bacon in the oven. (390 degrees until medium done)
*While bacon is baking, trim, peel & slice brussel sprouts into slaw. 
*Saute brussel sprouts in butter, bacon fat or coconut oil (your choice!) until heated through/still crisp
*Remove brussel sprouts from pan
*Remove strips when mostly done & place in saute pan. 
*Finish cooking bacon in saute pan & then add brussel sprouts to pan, mixing well with bacon.
*Add spices to taste.
*Remove from pan & enjoy! (I had about 1/2 for lunch & will have the rest at supper!)


Whole recipe:

Calories: 810,  Net Carbs: 10g, Fat: 75g, Protein: 19g

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