Thursday, September 05, 2013

Still Chugging Along & Running a Bit Too!

Well... I sucked out on the ol' 21 Day Sugar Detox this time around.  I am terrible with food. I'm a food addict & a compulsive overeater...It's been a lifelong battle.  I've just recently joined Overeaters Anonymous (not very anonymous when I announce it to the world, but hey :) )  & so far it's been very beneficial.  I've done MILES better with eating properly & my focus on my goals has improved drastically.  I feel like it was the missing link.  Before, I'd do really well for a little while & then have a freak out, feel guilty & get derailed.  Now I feel more confident in my eating choices & have stuck to my eating plan without feeling extreme temptations.

And the good news's been showing on the scales & in my appearance.  I've been working out quite a bit so I know that's helped as well.  Here's my current schedule. M-W-F is spent at the gym & week by week I alternate strength training with a full body TRX routine. T-T-S is running (well, let's be honest, walking/jogging - I'm doing the couch to 5K) with Saturday being my big least 6K.  AND...this Friday I'm going to V02max to take my first session of CrossFit I'm pretty excited about that :)

So all in all things are going well...Just need to sweat it out & keep going!

p.s. Any suggestions for songs to add to a new playlist???

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