Sunday, September 05, 2010

Truckin Along...

Well... things are moving along... slowly.  I guess this is just the time I have to put in to eventually see results.  I shouldn't complain... I guess sometimes I just feel things should be like they are on The Biggest Loser & that I'm heavy enough to see big numbers each week.  But I'm not.  It's little bits here & there.  I thought it was that I was doing too much strength training, so I cut down to 1 or 2 sessions per week.  And I've been diligent with eating clean & working out 6 days a week (minimum 45 min cardio)  My clothes are fitting better... but I still just feel soooo big!

I guess it's just that I seem to have the mentality of someone who's already lost the weight, I just need to wait until I actually do.  It's like mentally, I've already arrived at my destination...but in reality... I'm still chuggin along on that weight loss train.

So as far as weight loss stats... I was getting frustrated with the Wii Fit as my sole means of tracking my weight (because I didn't think it was being that reliable... so I got one of the girls from work to get me one of the Jenny Craig scale. 

 So my weight reads higher than the Wii Fit was telling (my last reading from it was 207.2) And when I first got on the JC scale, it said 212...but now (a few days later) it's saying 210 lbs.  So that's my new official checkpoint for where I'm at.  It's a few pounds setback, but I'm using that to keep track now.


  1. keep on trucking! well done for being so diligent with the working out

  2. KELLIE!!! You're 10 pounds away from being in the 100s!!! That's aammmaazzziiinggg!!! You're doing so great! Don't get discouraged, just keep going. You can do it!


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