Friday, September 10, 2010

I LOVE ADIDAS miCoach!!!

 1st part of run today

2nd part of run today

I can track all of my stats from my runs & once I get the miCoach pacer I can keep a more accurate stats like my heart rate, a more accurate running pace, etc. I also use the miCoach app for the iPhone that tracks my runs through GPS. All of these things are so motivational for me! 

I used to use the Nike + system (you may have seen my automatic posts on Facebook) but it doesn't have anything that I can use to track my heart rate as well... So Adidas miCoach it is!  Today I did almost 8km of running (well, jogging) (& only about 15% of that was walking breaks) ... so I'm really pumped about that!

And when I got on the scales today it said 208.4! Yay!


  1. That's SO Awesome Kellie! Wow, 8 kms is amazing! Are you just listening to wicked awesome music the whole time? Do you ever listen to anything else? I like books on tape for really long jogs/walks.
    And you're only 8 lbs away from the 100s! You totally rule!

  2. Great job Kellie...
    The more things we can get to motivate ourselves the better!


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