Thursday, August 12, 2010

Still in the Land of the Unknown

So I still don't have the courage to weigh myself again yet.  I don't think the news would be that terrible... I think I just want to go by the feel of clothes for a while... Maybe even until I feel like I'm under 200lbs.  We'll see.

But things have been really good.  I've been working out (at the gym & at home) almost everyday.  I've been doing cardio & every other day doing my weight routine designed by Dustin (Aftershock Fitness) ... he's one of the personal trainers at Snap Fitness (where I have my gym membership).  It's all with free weights & it's a very rewarding feeling to feel like I've graduated from the easy machines to the big boy free weight section of the gym (especially since I've picked up heavier weights than the guys on 2 occasions now! (Alex says sometimes guys use lower weights sometimes for different reasons, but it still makes me feel good!)  But I am thinking of switching to World Gym because they have child care & I'd be able to go even when Alex is away. So we'll see.

Eating has been not too bad.  I've been trying to make better choices, but still have some treats here & there.  I'm mostly focusing on my working out & am trying to develop my better eating habits over time.  I'm reading "Secrets of a Former Fat Girl" right now & it's really good.  Very motivational.

And I've been way better at getting & keeping the house clean... cleaner than it's ever been in my life.  I'm even mopping (well, Swiffer Wet) the floors every other day or so.  So haw am I able to be doing all of this when before I felt like I couldn't get anything done?  I'm attributing the change in my time management skills to my newfound dedication to daily scripture study & prayer.  I was always a slacker at those things too... and since I've been reading & praying every day, it's like a whole new outlook on life & I have stronger desires to be more organized & get more housework/exercise/etc done... It's awesome... I totally recommend it!

Well... I guess I keep at it! Stay tuned for more progress reports!

p.s. it's now Thursday morning & I've just tried on & am now wearing a pair of jeans from way before I was ever pregnant! Woohoo!


  1. yea you are doing so well!!! I got bored with what I was doing and let me tell you Zumba is the best thing ever!!! It gives me more energy and I always have a smile when I leave

  2. Love this post! Very motivating and I love the reminder of what scripture study and prayer does for us. Thanks:) Congrats on the pre-pregnancy pants!!!

  3. Great job girl, maybe you will motivate your dear old mother too!! I've been listening to my scriptures on Ryan's ipod and I have been enjoying that.

  4. Good job Kellie! You are doing awesome, but really, I need to see picture to really see how you are doing. Keep it up, it's all worth it!


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