Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Intermittent Fasting

So a while ago someone posted a recipe by Dr. Sara Solomon and it showed up in my Facebook feed. It was for a clean protein chocolate bar so I watched the video & immediately loved her style & persona. I followed her on FB & started watching some of her videos on YouTube. She recommends intermittent fasting, which I'd heard about briefly when I was doing Paleo long ago & also my husband mentioned it to me, but Classic Kellie, I paid no real attention at the time.

I have tried LITERALLY EVERYTHING ELSE.  I had been eating a Vegan diet & have comfortably settled in on a Vegetarian diet. But I realize from reading & watching videos that yo-yo dieting/calorie restricting & then binging/eating crap food, etc for years has made my metabolism very inflexible. I really like what I've read about intermittent fasting & I feel like it could work out for me since I'm usually so busy during the day that it's really annoying to take the time to make meals.

Since I've started IF I've noticed I have been hungry, but nothing that can't be dealt with by drinking lemon or lime water/green juice. And I guess that will peter out as my body (gherlin production) gets used to the new fasting/feeding schedule. I'm going to shoot for a feeding window of about 5-10pm & fast from 10-5 or 6pm the next day. It's worked well so far & I look forward to seeing the benefits!

Here are some helpful infographics & links:
Dr. Sara Solomon FAQ's 
Ultimate Guide to IF

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