Wednesday, December 11, 2013

First Weigh-In...A Success!

So as some of you may know, I recently met with one of the trainers at VO2max, Jenn MacKinnon,  & had a nutrition assessment done. I had to log my food for a week & then we met. She weighed me & did my measurements & took photos (*gasp*). Then we met a few days later & she gave me a meal plan.  I was surprised at how many calories were involved. (1,800 is my "low" day) I was a little scared but I went forward with it.  When I had my first weigh in (a week & a half later) I'd lost 6lbs! Yay!

I'm trying my best to stick to it exactly.  I still have slip ups, but I'm doing much better than I had been in the past with eating properly.  I'm motivated because I meet with her every week to weigh in. So eating has been going great, I'd say...and working out is going amazing too. I've been going to both bootcamps & CrossFit (depending on which one I can get to that day) & I'm loving it. Except burpees...Burpees suck.

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