Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Cacao Coconut Bliss Smoothie

So I have a green smoothie every morning for breakfast (Are you proud of me Kristi?) - and that can get boring if they are the same... So I like to mix it up - like, literally :)   So here's today's ... I've labelled it Cacao Coconut Bliss ...

1/3 C unsw. Chocolate Almond Milk
1/3 C unsw. Coconut Water
1/3 C straight up water
3 spinach ice cubes*
3-4 pineapple ice cubes
3 regular ice cubes
1 TBSP coconut oil (buy the stuff at Costco...so much more cost effective!)
2 TBSP greek yogurt
1 TBSP Cacao Nibs
1-2 TBSP toasted coconut
1-2 tsp vanilla (to taste)

~things should be sweet enough because of the pineapple, but you could add sweetener of choice to taste

DELICIOUS!  I am drinking it right now & LOVING IT!!!

*So I hate keeping huge bags of spinach & other greens in the fridge, just to have to put into my smoothies, especially since I keep greens in my fridge for my salads (oh, first world problems, right?) - So since I'm a genius I decided to start taking different things that I know I'm going to be putting into my smoothies & freezing them into icecubes.  First up - spinach - take massive amounts & blend down in your Vita-Mix, BlendTec (or whatever you have) until you get a smooth, liquid mixture. Pour into ice cube tray(s). Freeze. Place cubes in freezer bag for future smoothie making.

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  1. good going girl , keep up the great work ... it is worth it ~~~ I did and am happier and healthy for it ~~~


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