Friday, December 31, 2010

Week 9 (& the weeks before too)

Well... this past week I lost 3.1 lbs... I was so excited because I worked out, worked really hard & ate really well (aside from Christmas Day & Boxing Day)... so even though that included Xmas & Boxing Day, I still lost 3.1 lbs!!!

BUT... the 2 weeks before then, I'd been home visitign & kinda got derailed a bit (thank you Cinnabon & Delicious genuine donairs)  so in those 2 weeks I'd gained 1.8 lbs ...

So... after all that... overall I'm down a total of  15.5 lbs, I'm at 200.0 lbs EVEN!  It flickered on 199.8 & 199.9...but finally settled on 200.0 (although at home, on my Jenny Craig scale, it said 198.4 lbs) ANYWAY... I'm still pretty pumped....

It's coming along & I'm feeling better about being on track... working out... eating well... getting my house organized (been doing A LOT of cleaning, decluttering & organinzing.... if I haven't used it in the last year or too, it's going to ValueVillage or the dump) So it's all good.  Loving life... looking forward to the New Year.... I've actually been throwing around some resolutions in my head....nothing on paper yet though.

So.... Have a Happy New Year everyone!


  1. So great Kell!!! You're doing fantastic!

  2. Awesome!!!
    You rock!!!!

  3. Awesome job lady.. You looked great when I saw you for the few minutes I got to see you for.. Sorry we did not get to chat more.. I had wanted to...

  4. Amazing job Kellie! You are inspiring!


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